Thursday, 9 November 2017

Got injured during the work then what compensation i am entitled to?

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If anyone got injured at their workplace then it will become very difficult for him/her as we know the injury either small or serious it would take time to recover from the injury and it will become very difficult to survive without any wages and pay all their family expenses without doing any work. There is nothing to worry about that as per the law if anyone got injured at their workplace then the company where he/she was worked and the insurance company will pay all the expenses which include the salary until the worker should be properly recovered from the injury and resume the work again.

Here are the common categories of financial compensation for injuries which include:

Pain and Suffering : This refers to the compensation for the loss of life's enjoyment caused by the accident. If you aren’t able to perform and participate in the activities due to the pain that you are used to, that should be taken into the account.

Wage Loss : If you have missed the days at work because of your injuries then your ability to work in the future will definitely affected, for this you should be entitled to be reimbursed for the loss of income.

Cost of Future Care : If you can prove that your wounds are not recovered till now and can take time to heal then you are able to mention cost for future care including ongoing medications, treatments or other accident-related expenses.

You must have medical evidence to back up your claim and should consult with one or more doctors which will make a confirmation about your injuries. For this you have to tell all the doctors which are included in your treatment for your injury that how it was happened and make sure that the doctors should make proper notes of what you are asking them so that this evidence will be used at the time of medical claim against your injury at the workplace.

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