Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Does the law allows me to choose my own doctor after on work injury?

Work accident injury lawyer Illinois
After the on work injury you should need medical treatment on time because minor ignorance can create big problem for our health. So when you were injured while on duty then possibly you will inform your employer and the insurance company about the accident. But when you inform them about it then they will forcefully compel you to get the treatment from their own doctor so that you can recover early and join work immediately.

However, some workers’ compensation insurance companies try to steer injured workers to certain doctors because they know the reputation of the doctor that he will likely to recommend medical treatment which are less costly to the insurance company like ordering conservative medical treatment such as physical therapy or injections instead of surgery.

In this condition you will be unable to claim any type of compensation for your injury and internal weakness. So after injury you should try to go through your own doctor if you really want to claim compensation otherwise the doctor from your company won't help you at all and your case will become weak. So, after the treatment from your own doctor you can hire a reputed lawyer to claim compensation but remember bring your all medical and treatment slips along with you. This will help you a lot in your case.

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